Healthy Brain Retreats:

The Health Brain Resort is a Community Recovery Residence meaning that we provide additional supportive services. We are the only recovery residence that teaches Neurofeedback Brain-training on a routine basis, and as an essential part of our recovery program. Neurofeedback brain-training addresses underlying brain-imbalances responsible for challenges in recovery and relapse prevention.

Although the Healthy Brain Retreat is a premier community recovery residence, you will find that it is much less expensive then traditional residential treatment, with better results in the long run. A traditional residential treatment setting typically charges $20-50,000 per month. The Healthy Brain Retreat’s residential rates are significantly less, providing similar services, in a smaller setting, with greater personal attention, focusing on each individual’s biological, psychological, social, and spiritual recovery.


Train-the-Trainer Workshops

Two and a half-Day Neurofeedback Brain-training workshop designed especially for those aspiring brain-trainers interested in learning and implementing Automated Neurofeedback Brain-training into their current or future services to their recipients.  We also welcome home-users interested in DIY Neurofeedback under Dr. Don's supervision

Purpose: The goal is to develop and support a growing cadre of trainer’s who can offer effective implementation of automated neurofeedback systems into basic and advanced brain-training programs.  Our purpose in offering this training is to advance broad-based neurofeedback practices in clnical and non-clinical settings.