Neurofeedback Brain-training - The Game Changer

Neurofeedback Trains the source:  The Brain
Improve Mood at the Source
Reduce Addiction at the Source
Increase or Manage Attention at the Source
Enhance Performance at the Source
Neurofeedback is a scientifically proven way to improve the way you feel and function in the world by improving how your brain operates.
It is a noninvasive, organic process that does not change who you are.  It’s still you.  It is you just in a better mood or with an increase in confidence, focus and performance.  Neurofeedback is an alternative to medication for most issues that stem from the brain.  It is a journey into the possible.  What is your potential?




During the COVID-19 period of quarantine, the Las Vegas Neurofeedback Center is cloistering it’s Brain-trainers in the Las Vegas Region until Governor Sisolek opens face-to-face business back up, hopefully in mid-April

Until then, we are offering  Neurofeedback, aka Brain-training to individuals in, and outside the Las Vegas region.

We have found that Neurofeedback brain-training is brain science, but it’s not rocket science.  I am the leading world-wide author in the field of Automated Neurofeedback, and over the past several years we have trained many home-users to apply this safe, non-invasive, highly effective method of restoring better brain function, in nearly all categories.

The Quarantine Crisis Brain-training At-Home Bootcamp Includes:

  • Delivery of a Brainpaint Neurofeedback System to your door in 3-7 days.
  • Personalized Tele-assessment and guidance in setting achievable brain-training goals, assessing individual brain function, setting up the computer-brain interface, doing the brain workouts, monitoring effects of brain-training, and completing the entire brain-training cycle.

There is a rich research history of brain-training for it’s improvement in learning, memory, attention, focus, impulse control, anxiety, depression, and many other mental health issues.  Typically, 30-sessions alleviates up to 85% of most symptoms, with excellent long-term enduring results.

Instead of racking your brain during the quarantine, train your brain, and change your life.

Brain-training Bootcamp cost:

1st Month:  $2000.  Includes all elements of package above

Additional months:  $1000.  Ongoing in-home use of brain-training system and neurofeedback supervision by Dr. Don